Rise Above the Noise

A Simple Vision

Simpocracy was born out of necessity. In an ever changing and hostile world where too much information clouds the truth, Simpocracy is a way for all to rise above the noise of the old media, and pave the way to a new media of truth, simplicity and no bias. We display the main bias' view points side by side so that you can decide how you really feel about the issue without a bunch of talking heads guiding you to one conclusion or another; Simpocracy itself holds no bias over the other. In a world of market disruption, it is time we disrupt the corrupt old media and pave the way to a new future of truth and knowledge for all. That is who we are at Simpocracy. Join us. Empower yourself. Change the world.


Robert Duffney III (RD3)

Robert is the original visionary of Simpocracy. Robert was born to American attack helicopter pilot and a British mother, who has lived all over the United States and Europe. Robert has degrees in political science and public administration and experience in corrections/detention.   Robert is a self identifying political centrist.


Tanner Grammar

Tanner is the graphic artist/web designer and co-founder of Simpocracy. Tanner was born and raised to two Air Force parents spending 9 years overseas in Germany, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Tanner has a degrees in Visual communication and liberal arts. He has experience in marketing, brand identity and ux/ui design. You can see some of his recent work at

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